The primary goal of the rock collection has been to create the PTAL multispectral database. Now, when the database is completed, the rocks can serve multiple other scientific purposes and we are happy to loan the samples for further characterizations, laboratory experiments, instrument testing, operation simulations, and others. Samples are currently stored at the University of Oslo and curated by us, before they will be moved to their final curation facility place, where the samples remain as witness samples.

At the moment, the majority of samples are secured in amounts sufficient to support loans up to ~2-5g or even destructive procedures. Some samples exist in low masses only and for those we are able to support loan requests in a range of hundred micrograms of rock. Keep in mind, however, that apart from cut rock pieces, we can also discuss loan of coarse or fine powders, fully representative for the samples that were used for database building and are kept as a part of collection now. Additionally, we are happy to consider loans of our witness samples for non-destructive and non-invasive purposes (imaging, scanning etc.) and are always willing to share coordinates of our sampling (which you can also find in the PTAL database), so that further collection of material is possible if you need it. 

Please contact Prof. Stephanie Werner (stephanie.werner (at) or Dr. Agata Krzesinska (a.m.krzesinska (at) to ask for loan possibilities. Please see the collection presentation or the spectral database to find out whether samples are of interest to you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about specific samples or need further advice on how analogous the samples are for your specific aims.